Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fuss Free: Among The Waves and Sugar Sand Beach by ETC. by Danyale

Hey y'all!  I'm so excited about my release this week.  Fuss Free: Among The Waves is inspired by the Gulf Coast beaches that I grew up on and that I still live near today. Fashioned with lots of waves and sand, these templates are a fantastic choice for scrapping holiday and vacation moments.  They were designed specifically to coordinate with my dear friend Danyale's (ETC. by Danyale) fantastic collection:  Sugar Sand Beach.

Danyale is actually married to a childhood friend of mine, but we didn't meet and become friends until the past couple of years.  Both of us are from the same area and grew up around the sand and surf.  And now we're neighbors, living only 2 streets away from each other.  Now you in digi land know how rare it is to find another digi scrapper that close!  In addition to talking digi designing and scrapping, we both love to read and we both love to bargain hunt.  We do laugh a lot, too.  All of that to say:  I am blessed with her friendship!

Here's Fuss Free: Among The Waves ~ as always, 20% off for a limited time at The Digichick (image is linked):

And here's a peek at Sugar Sand Beach as well (images are linked):

My Creative Team created some fantastic layouts combining the templates along with Sugar Sand Beach:

{ C a r r i e }

{ H e l e n }

{ J a c k i e A n n }

{ M i c h e l e }

{ P a m i e }

But the templates are very versatile and look great combined with a variety of kits.  Check out these layouts made by my talented Creative Team:

{ C h e r y l ~ ME! }

{ H e l e n }

{H o l l y }

{ I r e n e }

{ N a t a l i e }

{ P a m i e }

{ S a r a h }

{ T a m a r a }

Thanks ever so much for stopping by!  I hope you'll enjoy these templates as well as Danyale's lovely collection!  Sending you off with wishes for many hours of scrapping!

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  1. Sigh....we really are a couple of lucky girlz, chickie miss. I heart you, you know that!