Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fuss Free: Portraits Set One

These templates were constructed to show off those portraits that every household seems to have ~ from family portraits to student photos. Designed around one 5x7 portrait space, you'll find the options of paper and element placement and layering will enhance your portrait gorgeously.  On sale at The Digichick for a limited time ~ image is linked to the TDC Shop!

Some inspiration from my Creative Team:

{ C h e r y l  ~ ME! }

{ I r e n e }

{ J a c k i e A n n }

{ J o a n n e }

{ N a t a l i e }

{ P a m i e }

{ T r i s t a }

And some inspiration from The Digichick Creative Team (and one layout from Mari Koegelenberg, a designer):

{ H e a t h e r }
{ J u l i }

{ M a r i }

Hey, can you tell which template in the pack seems to be a favorite with The Digichick crew?  LOL

I hope you enjoy these templates, no matter what type of portrait you're scrapping!

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