Wednesday, April 14, 2021

50% off Cozied Up Tucked In and Coming Around Again Templates! | NEW Freebie Template!

SOSN (Something Old Something New) is here! Every Wednesday at The Lilypad, you'll find a variety of products on sale for 50% off ~ some of the products might be older releases, and some of them might be new releases. It's one day only, so don't delay in grabbing these products at a fantastic discount. My template sets for SOSN are HALF PRICE at $2.25 each!
All four of the template sets in this week's SOSN were released a year ago, so you'll find that the product descriptions for all of these sets were inspired by the pandemic but can help you record any and all memories.

It's at the forefront of everything right now, this pandemic that's across our world. Many of us are cozied up into our homes, tucked in for a long while, in an effort to stop the spread of this virus. Many of my template packs come from what's happening in my life, and it's never been more true than with this set. Cozied Up Tucked In {Dressed Up} and {Dressed Down} templates feature layers of papers in the background with all sorts of embellishments tucked in here and there. As I was creating, I kept thinking about how cozy and comfortable the layouts looked, and as I began tucking in bits and pieces, I really saw the correlation to our lives, being cozied up and tucked in our homes. I hope that these templates will help you document your daily life as we work through the foreseeable future, as well as taking time to document past memories and memories that are still to come. You'll find custom shadows and dynamic shading on the photo spots and on the background papers so that you can make beautifully shadowed layouts quickly and easily.
In the midst of this world pandemic, I've been seeing videos of celebrities singing "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands" so I have that song playing in my head over and over again. I also have the saying "this too shall pass" on repeat as well. Coming Around Again {Dressed Up} and {Dressed Down} templates were born out of that head space (hey there, and welcome, to my crazy brain). Each layout centers around a circular paper that makes me think of our round earth as well as the idea that good times will be coming again soon, just like a circle moves back around onto itself. Of course, I've added lots of things that make me happy when I'm creating layouts, so there are fabulous clusters and labels and all the good things to make your photos shine. You'll find custom shadows and dynamic shading on the photo spots so that you can make beautifully shadowed layouts quickly and easily.
Here's a peek at some of the fun challenges and chats happening at TLP this month!
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