Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fuss Free Template Challenge for July in The Artisan Notebook!

Last month I introduced you to the Fuss Free Template Challenge, a new challenge I'm hosting each month in the issues of The Artisan Notebook.

The challenge is super easy . . . just download the free template inside the magazine, make a layout with it, and post a link to your layout right here on my blog (in this post if you will). You will have a chance to win one of my template sets as well as a 3 month subscription to The Artisan Notebook. Pssst . . . there's also a 40% coupon inside the issue as well.

For further details and to find out how to purchase this issue (or subscribe) if you don't already subscribe, pop over to Notebook Notes here: Artisan Notebook, July 2010 Issue.


  1. Here is my page using your free template from the July DSAG issue. I really enjoyed using it. Very versatile.

  2. I posted my Fuss Free template...
    to the Artisan Guild


  3. Thanks for the template - I was very happy to get a page done fast with no fuss!

  4. Sorry, I had to re-post my layout - here it is now

  5. Here is the link to my layout.


    I guess you can safely say that I like your template.

  6. Thanks for the great template! Here's my link: